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Unleash your Potential

by Alina Lozonschi

In the mood for success?  Ready to explore your opportunities and be who you want to be?  Great, with that awareness you are already half-way there.  On the same token, such a life journey calls for a strong basis built on self-awareness.  What are the right questions to ask yourself to prepare for this journey?  Start with “What do I want?  Where do I want to go? and Who can help me achieve that?”  Approach the possible downsides as well by asking yourself, “What can stop me from reaching this goal?” followed by, “How can I overcome this?”  A journey is made of both smooth paths and bumpy trails, so remember, the key to success is to look forward and know you will find your own way.

In “Coaching Perspectives VII,” published by the Center for Coaching Certification, I have covered the different aspects of human motivation and how it can be enhanced to prepare for your own success in my chapter called, “Unleash your Potential and Get Motivated for Success”.

Check it out and discover more about the multiple techniques available to you for gaining extra confidence, boosting energy, and focusing on positivity to grow your motivation and pave your way to success.  You will find therein an interesting view on motivation and happiness, alongside a captivating principle called brain programming.  Take a closer view with a coaching eye on the relationship between coaches and coachees, rounded out with a few tools for establishing goals and progress management.

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