Measuring Coaching Results

internal coaching program

internal coaching programInternal coaching programs measure the competencies of coaches and the results of the coaching program.  This creates the opportunity for ensuring the appropriate training is in place and defining the value of the program.  Coach training ensures a clear understanding of the role of the coach and develops coaching competencies.  According to the International Coaching Federation, the ICF, there are Core Competencies within four groupings:

  • Setting the Foundation – ethics and agreements
  • Co-creating the Relationship – trust and presence
  • Communication – listening, questioning, direct communication
  • Facilitating Learning and Results – awareness, design actions, goal setting, accountability

How are coaching competencies measured?

  • Assessment following training – completed by the trainer
  • Observation by the coach’s coach – managed through the program administration
  • Feedback from the constituency – surveys of coaches, coachees, those working with the coachees

How are the results of the coaching program measured?

  • Qualitative measures include: employee engagement, skill development, enhanced workplace relationships, employee wellness, and company culture.
  • Quantitative measures include talent retention, turnover, productivity, and sales (based on the numbers in company reports from before and after the program implementation).

As a best practice, tie the measure to the program goals.

Funding the measure of coaching competencies and program effectiveness validates the program and leads to consistent benefit.  It is possible to measure results on a tighter budget.  For example:

  • Use a survey tool such as Survey Monkey for a qualitative measure.
  • Ask program participants to complete evaluation forms and compile results.
  • Use company reports on turnover, productivity, and sales from before and after.
  • Invite intern students to develop and complete a measurement.
  • Work with coaching organizations that will measure results.

The coaching program design and management, as well as coach training, impact the results.  Adding to this blog series on coaching program design and management, the next blog explores coach training.

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