Assessments are popular in many organizations and for many coaches. When appropriate, assessments can be a useful tool for evidence-based coaching. It is essential that the use of an assessment be determined based on it benefitting the client.

Assessments are typically completed online. Following up on an assessment with coaching is smart. For example, there is research that shows if a 360 assessment is used without follow-up coaching there is a negative impact and if there is follow-up coaching there is a positive impact. Assessments

Graduates of CCC have their own dashboard to brand and give many different assessments at wholesale. This can be done immediately whether or not you are certified.  The reference guides and other materials are included on the dashboard.

The added benefit is that on the dashboard there are a multitude of resources you can use to prepare for working with each assessment tool. A presentation on the difference between assessment coaching and debriefing is at

If you graduated before October of 2017 (which is when CCC purchased the dashboard for graduates), then your dashboard access uses your email as both your username and your password.  If you graduated after October of 2017 then your username is your email, and your password is the same as for your coach login page.

An overview of the assessments is on our website at

The assessment dashboard login is at

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