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Long-term Implications of a Coaching Culture

Long-term Implications of a Coaching Culture

Imagine the impact of a culture where people focus on the future, are positive and proactive, and believe in empowering individual awareness and choice!

The bottom-line impact of a coaching culture is powerful.  Without a coaching approach, how many people really take time to consider and explore their goals?  How many people create effective action plans?  How many people follow through with their plan?  Coaching is the difference between thinking or talking about the problem versus exploring options, creating strategies, and following through. Long-term Implications of a Coaching Culture

Coaching recognizes that each person is their own best expert.  Because everyone is their own best expert, coaching skills and a coaching culture create an environment where individuals focus on possibilities and open their thinking.  Coaching creates the opportunity to brainstorm and talk through different ideas, which supports effective decision making.  Coaching supports people by ensuring they are intentional about their strategy and action steps.  Coaching also recognizes success along the way and encourages people to acknowledge what they achieve to them self.

Coaching is a process and the steps of the process can be implemented individually in a coaching culture based on the situation.  Here is an overview of basic steps taught in coaching certification:

  1. Ask an individual to list and prioritize things they want.
  2. Ask them to describe their ideal.
  3. Ask about obstacles to moving forward.
  4. Ask them to brainstorm possible solutions from this point forward.
  5. Ask about the pros and cons of each possibility.
  6. Ask them which solution they want and to consider possible outcomes.
  7. Ask what resources and skills they have and want.
  8. Ask them to design their plan of action.
  9. Support follow-through by asking what is working and what they want to adjust.
  10. Celebrate progress and success.

A coaching culture is an ideal and each person that completes coach training moves society closer to a far more effective way of interacting and communicating.  Be part of creating the ideal!


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