Making a Difference with Positive Support

Have you ever been asked your opinion about something someone wanted to do or was interested in? What a wonderful opportunity to make a positive difference!

As a friend, sometimes there is a concern about how realistic the goal or plan might be, so because of the risk, the response discourages. Or the response is over the top. Respond to encourage, and push them to consider their plan of action. Show you care and believe in them and the possibilities.

Recently a colleague was told that what they wanted was simply not realistic in today’s environment, so they felt discouraged. How many times do people give up without ever taking the first step because someone stole their dream? Then again, how many stories have you heard about people that do succeed in spite of the odds?

As a Coach, ask how it looks, feels, and sounds when the goal is achieved. Ask what resources they have and need to make it happen. Ask what their step-by-step plan is to achieve.

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