Learning the Language of Coaching


understandingDuring the coaching practicum at the Center for Coaching Certification, there is a homework assignment.  The work is challenging and provides excellent benefits for the learning process.  The homework is based on the notes taken during the first few coaching sessions.  As a result, by doing the homework the coach becomes aware of areas in which further probing and clarifying make sense.  The coach also realizes which notes they took are helpful.  After doing the assignment, the coach has gained insight for all coaching sessions about what to ask and how to take notes.

When the coach works with the client again after doing the homework, the assignment is used in the coaching session and solidifies the rapport between the coach and client.  This takes the trust to an advanced level.

For the client, the homework becomes a tool which demonstrates they were heard and understood plus it solidifies their own goals for them in a way that is powerful.

For both the coach and the client, the homework assignment provides opportunity for learning the positive, proactive language of coaching.

Effective coach training methodologies support effective development of the coaching competencies and learning the language of coaching.

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