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Coaching Face-to-face, on the Phone, or Virtually

Pre-pandemic 80% of all coaching was virtual.  Since the pandemic, almost 100% of coaching is virtual.  The coaches and clients who were meeting face-to-face were impacted the most.  I had a funny conversation with one of our graduates, a coach … Read more

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How You Can Boost Team Morale as An Executive

By Isabella Goode As an executive, there are things that you can do to further ensure that your employees are doing okay during such a challenging time. When team morale is running low, it is crucial to do what you can to ensure that emotions and motivation … Read more

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The What of What? When? How?

What are we witnessing? Where to even begin with this question?  A world pandemic.  Worldwide protesting.  Social injustice.  A new way. Emotions.  Conflicts.  Connections.  Loss.  Opportunity.  Fear.  Hope.  The same old same old.  Something different.  Hate.  Love.  Ignorance.  Budding awareness.  Separation.  … Read more

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