Great Leaders Help Teams Rally Around A Greater Mission

Great Leaders Help Teams Rally Around A Greater Mission

Great Leaders Help Teams Rally Around A Greater Mission

by Jacqueline Brodnitzki, President, Conscious Success

The seventh way great leaders stand out is they help their teams rally around a greater mission. It’s more important to employees now, than it ever has been, to feel a sense of mission in their work. They want to know their daily work has meaning. This increases their sense of connection to the company, increases engagement, and reduces attrition.

Sometimes it can be hard to see a connection between the details of a project and how we are impacting the world in a positive way.

A great leader communicates this connection and inspires the team by helping them see the impact the organization is having on people’s lives. This leader shares stories about this impact to inspire and motivate his/her team.

In addition, great leaders provide an opportunity for their teams to participate in charitable events relaGreat Leaders Help Teams Rally Around A Greater Missionted to their business.

A healthcare company participated in Sprint Across America and donated the proceeds to charities chosen by the participating employees. An energy company makes sizable monetary and participatory donations as they support Junior Achievement to inspire students to dream big and reach their potential. A food company can support hunger. A high tech or bio company can mentor inner city students interested in going into a STEM discipline.

This week, let’s communicate inspiring stories about how our work helps real people. Let’s also find a way to help our employees rally around a related cause to make a difference.

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