Great Leaders Are Human Part 2

Great Leaders Are Human Part 2

by Jacqueline Brodnitzki, President, Conscious Success

The sixth way great leaders stand out is they handle mistakes with understanding. They care and expect a lot, and also understand mistakes will happen and use them as an opportunity to learn rather than to crucify.

Great Leaders Are Human Part 2

One of the resounding themes leaders share in my She’s Got It interview series is the importance of supporting and even sometimes encouraging mistakes. If leaders crucify when mistakes happen, their staff will be afraid to stretch and grow. They won’t try new things, innovate, or take calculated risks. Their organization will begin to shrink.

The leaders I’ve interviewed told me they have their employees’ backs and encourage calculated risks. They expect mistakes will happen and they use them to help their team grow and develop.

Of course, repeated mistakes get tiresome and can be an indication a person is not right for their job. This is good information, too.

Let’s encourage calculated risks this week, be understanding when mistakes happen, and use them for growth opportunities.

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