Designing Your Destiny – Book Review for Coaches

Summary: Founder of Upside Thinking, author Lisa Marie Platske provides a tool in this book, Designing Your Destiny, for exploring who you are and what you want, strategizing, and expanding the positive outcomes you create.

The sections in the book (in order) include:

  • Bold Beginnings – an opportunity to reinvent yourself
  • Building Relationships – focusing on the power of your relationships
  • Creating Your Own Luck – explore and build on your strengths
  • Growing Into Extraordinary – reflect on what success is for you
  • Being Authentic – a process for authenticity
  • Discovering Your Passion – know what drives you
  • Choosing Excellence – developing your dream and yourself for excellence
  • Staying Balanced – creating a quality of life supports quality in all you do
  • What’s Working for You (And Against You) – evaluate and make smart choices
  • Bringing Out the Best in Others – be a better you by helping others
  • Attitude of Gratitude – being present and positive
  • Giving Back – making a positive difference for others means you are your best you

The Good:  In each section a narrative the often includes examples sets the stage, then you are asked to reflect and write for personal awareness and application.

The Bad:  The format is free-flowing and requires time for self-reflection and writing; the value is obtained by investing your time and expanding your thinking.

Conclusion:  When you want to take charge of your life, be intentional, and maximize outcomes, this is a great workbook for setting the foundation, creating your strategy, and moving toward your best opportunities.  Use it as self-directed coaching for coaches or as insight for your coaching clients.

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