Focus of Coaching and Flexibility

Focus of Coaching and FlexibilityFor an internal coaching program, discuss in advance whether the coaching conversations are only about job goals and skill development or also provide for discussing personal considerations.  Explore the benefits of allowing time for personal coaching and consider the parameters in terms of coaching time discussing personal challenges.

  • On the one hand the thinking is that company resources are utilized and therefore it is all about the job and performance.
  • On the other hand is the awareness that if the personal aspects are ignored the coaching relationship itself is less effective and that the personal considerations do impact job performance.

David Rock includes addressing personal goals as a best practice in his white paper on internal coaching programs.

When a coaching program supports coaching time for discussing personal challenges, the questions arises of how to effectively do so within the scope of an internal coaching program.  This is one of the reasons that it is most effective to have internal coaches for entry level to mid level management, and external coaches for the higher levels of management.

It is essential that the coachee have the freedom to choose what they want to discuss.  Therefore an effective option is providing the coachee with a choice between focusing purely on work and having the door open for addressing personal considerations.  Set this up effectively by exploring their big picture first and then focusing on the job.  The coachee is then empowered to discuss personal challenges as desired.

Because the notes and records are confidential and separate from personnel files, this supports the individual employee / coachee and in turn enhances results for the organization.

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