Fit the Pieces Together After Coach Training

Imagine that you completed coach training.  Your head is spinning.  As you reflect, you realize that the classes, tools, techniques, resources, and processes fit together like pieces of a puzzle.   All of these different elements of your coaching certification are now in your brain.  How will you get fit the pieces together and use them as a whole?  In the same way you did in your coaching class, organize the puzzle pieces into manageable elements.  After the Certified Professional Coach class, an Action Plan to Implement Learning is provided.  Decide for yourself when you want to focus on each tool, technique, or resource.

Consider your plans for coaching inside an organization or starting an independent business.

Which of the different documents, worksheets, or checklists from your coaching certification do you want printed and/or which do you want in your computer?  How will you organize them?   With these documents now in order, the first piece of the puzzle is in place.

Next, who is your ideal client?  How do you describe your niche?  Great…with that in place you move to the next piece of the puzzle.  If you are starting your own business, what is your business plan?  What is your marketing plan?  On the coach login pager are outlines of both, recordings on business and marketing, plus access to register for the free monthly Q&A call

If you are coaching inside of your company, how is the coach program managed?  What are the resources?  How are clients invited in?  How are coaches matched with clients?

Now jump forward with the premise that you have your first coaching client.  Now what?  Relax!   You know that you have successfully completed a coaching certification and practiced in class with a coach process and using coaching techniques.  With your new client, do what you learned.   Remember in the beginning of training talking about a defining roles, discussing ethics, and using a coaching agreement?  Remember you have access to all this information plus five different examples of coaching agreements on the coach login page.  Establish your coaching agreement with your new client.  With a coaching agreement in-place, schedule the dates and times for your coaching sessions.  Before it is time for your first session, review the recording of the session on the coach login page.  Have a plan in place for taking notes.  With your notes from class and your initial questions from the questionnaires you are ready.

There you are – you are now coaching!  The more pieces of the puzzles you complete, the more comfortable you will be coaching.

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