How to Be a Digital Nomad as a Pet Parent

How to Be a Digital Nomad as a Pet Parent

Tina Martin,

What happens when you are a digital nomad and have a pet? The good news is that it’s possible to find work and support yourself and your four-legged friend as a digital nomad.

Keeping Pets Healthy When Traveling How to Be a Digital Nomad as a Pet Parent

Wherever you’re heading, first take your pet to the vet for a checkup. Learn about the diseases present in the places you intend to visit. Check with a vet on how to prevent tick-borne diseases, and ensure your pet is up to date on their medications and vaccinations.

To help you save money, consider getting pet insurance in your home state. This way, you’ll have no worries about overpaying for veterinary checkups or treatment when visiting another state. When shopping for a policy, there are plenty of pet insurance coverage and considerations. For one, ensure it has nationwide coverage so that you can use it anywhere. Find out what the policy covers and how reputable the insurance company is before deciding which way to go.

To ensure your pet stays healthy, have it groomed regularly. Good grooming is essential to your pet’s health and appearance. It keeps your pet from dealing with uncomfortable and undetected fleas. Most importantly, it keeps your pet clean and happy. Taking care of your pet also prevents more expenses down the road.

Use sites such as RentCafeNomadList, and Zillow to look for pet-friendly apartments wherever you plan to go.

How to Make Pets Comfortable While Traveling

A durable harness, a soft crate, and a pet backpack can help make pets comfortable wherever life takes you. A large, leak-proof crate equipped with strong handles and grips is ideal. Bring toys and games, especially favorites for your pet. When buying pet products, consider asking your vet for recommendations. While customer reviews can help, it’s best to ask for professional recommendations.

Start Living as a Digital Nomad

You can successfully become a digital nomad as a pet parent by perusing the helpful guide above. A great career option is in the field of coaching. Almost 100% of coaching is done online or by phone. If you have decided to become a coach, contact the Center for Coaching Certification to review their great coaching certification programs.

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