Evaluating CC11 Managing Progress and Accountability

A coach is an accountability partner – this means working with the client so they define how they hold themselves accountable and how the coach supports them with their focus cc11aand accountability.  Ultimately it is up to the client to take the action.  Ideally the coach is working with the client to define their support system or accountability team.  The coach checks with the client on their progress.  If the client is not moving forward the coach has a conversation with them as their partner.  The coach also encourages the client to celebrate their success as a motivator for continued progress.

cc11bIf the coach decides how the client will manage accountability then they are failing this competency on all levels.  If the methods, measures, or tools are not supporting client progress then the coaching is ineffective.  If the coach fails to support the client in creating their accountability then the coach is failing this competency.  If the coach does not discuss the value of the client creating accountability then the coach is failing the client.

Coaches serve their clients by empowering them to create accountability for themselves because they are their own best expert and what they invent will be in keeping with their preferences for learning, thinking, and doing.

Note: The Center for Coaching Certification values the work of the ICF and thanks them for defining coaching competencies and sharing how each is evaluated for credentialing.  This enhances both coach training and coaching itself as a profession.

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