Elevation Exceleration

Elevation Exceleration

by Clinton Ages, clinton@coachclinton.com

Elevation ExcelerationWhether scoring the game victory touchdown, winning the employee of the year award, being the top sales person in the company, or being selected to the Forbe’s list for Top CEO, individuals seek to be their very best.  What’s interesting is that the process for improving individual performance is not a science, it is an art.

In my chapter, Elevation Exceleration, in Coaching Perspectives V, I share expertise for helping people with a passion for helping people. As a group of authors, our goal is providing materials you can use as you refine your art of performance improvement.

Elevation Exceleration outlines my coaching program undergirding the basic principles of coaching, business analysis, and project management. The program obtains support from three important philosophical pillars:

Manifestation Affirmation – is the belief that the Power of Words and Self-Motivation is an important beginning towards transformation.

Personal Energy – focuses on looking forward towards the future and conducting your life with progress in mind.

Relentless Self Development – is the pillar which engulfs the other two and promotes constantly seeking ways for improving oneself.

A completely self-fashioned phrase, Elevation Exceleration is a combination of two words, the word Elevation, and the two words Excel and Acceleration which combine to create one unique word, Exceleration.

By definition, the word ‘Elevation’ means to raise status to a higher reference point, indicating that the subject of reference is above others in station and position. When an individual performs extremely well, better than average and reaching superlative output – that person is said to excel. Combine that with the word acceleration, defined as the change in the rate of motion greater than the current displacement amount, and the word ‘Exceleration,’ a coaching dynamic is formed.

Read the Responsible Elevation Exceleration chapter in Coaching Perspectives V for more.

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