Creating Change with a Positivity Journal

Beth Donovan

by Beth Donovan – https://bethdonovan.comBeth Donovan

I keep a record of positive things that I see, do, hear, think, and discover.  I call this my Positivity Journal.  I make it a daily goal to write 3 positive things about myself and my day in it each evening.

A Positivity Journal gives you a spectacular record of your success and insight to what you are doing to succeed at creating change.

Keeping things very positive is crucial.  Use positive, proactive words (for example those on the positive word list from coach training).  Poisonous words like don’t, didn’t, try, maybe, etc. are self- defeating.  You are looking for a record of positive successes.

The great thing about a Positivity Journal is that you can look back at how you were succeeding to move past bumps in the road.  You have a road map to your own success.

It also puts your brain on POSITIVE!  Positive thoughts and language help create change in and of themselves because they can rewrite the neuro pathways in the brain.  Once this starts taking place, change starts becoming easier.  The more positive thoughts you can think, the more your brain neuroscience will change.  This is helpful in overcoming a stubborn habit.

Building a new habit is like any building.  Building requires the addition of materials.  Adding positive things and thoughts to life is building.

Removing is a negative.  Consider when people destroy something.  They remove materials and leave a hole where the materials used to be.  Habits are easy to pick back up where there is a hole.

By building and creating positive change, the hole gets filled.  It is much easier to stick to new changes and succeed.


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