Developing a Marketing Strategy

This is 8 in a series of 24 blog posts on Business and Marketing.

marketing strategyIn earlier posts for this blog series, choosing a name and defining services with prices were covered.  Developing a marketing strategy includes these and more.  Make decisions on what colors you will use, a logo, your mission statement or tagline, and how you will define or explain your coaching services.  Before deciding on colors, Google the psychology of color so that you are aware of the message behind your color choices.  Certified Professional Coaches who completed their coach training have access to a tool on the coach login page for writing a mission statement.  The defining of your coaching services is tied to your niche areas; for examples the pages on the Center for Coaching Certification website describe coaching types.

There are a multitude of different marketing strategies.  To give you an example, the online software offered through the Center for Coaching Certification to manage your marketing includes 170 different strategies.  The key is choosing a manageable number of strategies and then planning the implementation step-by-step.  Specifically, in the online software, you choose which strategies you want to use and then have the steps listed for you along with the resources and examples for each.  The idea is that each day you invest a little bit of time, complete a few things, and create a habit of consistency in your marketing for long-term sustainability and results.

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