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Becoming a Coach Trainer

In the previous blog we explored reasons for becoming a coach.  The reasons for becoming a coach trainer add on to that with a focus on supporting other coaches. Becoming a Coach Trainer

  • Coach trainers are coaches with the desire to be of service and make a difference for coaches.
  • Coach trainers love supporting others on their journey to becoming a coach.
  • The process to become a coach trainer requires commitment.
  • Coach trainers love when coaching students engage fully with a growth mindset.

The process of becoming a coach trainer varies based on the coach training organization.  At the Center for Coaching Certification, the first requirement is that each coach trainer must earn a credential with the International Coaching Federation.  This means they completed coach training, have experience coaching, worked with a mentor coach, were assessed coaching, and passed the exam.  Then they can start training to be a trainer.  This process involves observing the training and discussing the content and training methodologies used for each class.  Then they teach the program while being observed and discussing what was done well and what to do differently for each class.  Then they can be the trainer for classes with each class submitting evaluations of the trainer as one element of the ongoing quality control and improvement.  The process takes time and dedication.  The reason coach trainers do it is because they love the work.


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