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The Path to Purpose

Kali Alexia

by Kali Alexia Kali Alexiahttps://www.linkedin.com/in/alexia-kali-3ab44917/

Fulfillment and purpose is something that many of us talk about and each of us seek in our own way.  We may have a concept of what it will feel like when we reach fulfillment and have purpose.  We talk about it and we hope for it; do we really know what it is?  Do we know how to achieve it?

Fulfillment is defined by Oxford languages as the achievement of something desired, promised, or predicated.  Purpose is defined as the reason something exits.  A fulfilling life therefore is the creation and achievement of the best version of ourselves in 4 key areas or pillars – The Person (you); The Palace – your environment and all that occupies that space; The Profession – what you chose to do as an occupation (and how you choose to do it); and the Purpose – how and what you are contributing to the world around you.

How do we get to fulfillment and purpose?  The path to the best version of ourselves requires us to take the steps that will lead us in the direction that we wish to go.  The vision that we have for our lives is attainable and the 4 Pillars of Your Path to Purpose serves as the guide to that place of fulfillment.  In this Coaching Perspectives X chapter, you will find clear, actionable steps that will guide you on your path to purpose and the fulfilling life that you dream of and desire.

Make the decision to create the life that you desire.


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