Coaching: The Quantitative Case

Coaching: The Quantitative Case

Coaching: The Quantitative Case by Sharma Graham

On the quantitative side of the ROI for coaching there are multiple studies. One of the lesser known reports that makes the case for coaching plain is the Nations Hotel Case Study titled “Measuring ROI in Business Coaching” (2007). In this report, the learning and development function conducted a survey of their executives to identify learning objectives to help them reach their goals. Most executives stated they would like to work with a qualified coach to assist them through a variety of challenges. The executives believed this would be a great way to learn, apply, and achieve results.

As a result of this survCoaching: The Quantitative Caseey, the Nations Hotel L&D team developed a formal, structured coaching program – Coaching for Business Impact (CBI). This program was offered to executives at the vice president level and above. Using the two monetary benefits and the cost of the program, two ROI calculations were developed. The first suggests that for every dollar that was invested, $3.21 was returned. The second calculation suggests that for every dollar that was invested in coaching, the dollar was returned and another $1.21 was generated (Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D., 2007 ROI Institute). From this report, one can see that at the very least, coaching pays for itself, and has the potential to pay dividends far beyond your initial investment.

So the question, “Is it worth it?” begs the answer, “Yes.” Now, the question becomes “What are the possibilities for you?”


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