The Impact of Using Positivity with a Coaching Client

Beth Donovan

By Beth Donovan, CMC, CWCS www.BethDonovan.comBeth Donovan

The impact of using positivity with a coaching client has a great impact on their being.  For those who practice positivity, it goes far beyond just being “happy” to a lifestyle of continuous breathtaking conscious actions and awareness.

By modeling positive coaching language for our clients, we give them an arsenal of positive vocabulary to boost their phenomenal language patterns.

Frame your statements from an “I can” instead of an “I can’t” standpoint.  For example, “I can meet you at noon,” rather than “I can’t meet at 11:30.”  Keep language positive and forward-thinking when speaking with your client.

Focusing on praising the client for their work in the coaching relationship models one of the ICF PCC markers and is one way to model positive language.  Science has demonstrated that people respond to positive reinforcement of their behavior and enjoy hearing compliments.

Rephrasing is a form of active listening, which is also a PCC marker.  Rephrasing your client’s negativity as a challenge is also a PCC marker.  For example, if your client were to say “I would but it’s so hard.”  You could challenge them by rephrasing as “I would but it’s so hard? What else could you say?” If they get stuck, ask “What  options they want for furthering the conversation,” or “What benefits are there remaining stuck where it is so hard?”

Identify the meta programs and meta models to best help your client and get into their shoes.  Explore and be curious and you will also hit a PCC marker.  See things from their perspective and challenge negativity with positivity through role modeling and language.  By understanding your client, the best, you possibly can, you will be able to bring more positivity to their life.

In essence, people are generally drawn to positivity.  If they see you as a model of positive behavior and language, they are more likely to copy your behavior.

Beth Donovan is a Certified Master Coach, Certified Wellness Coach Specialist currently working on her PCC with the International Coaching Federation through training at the Center for Coaching Certification since 2014.


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