Coaching Program Resources

6When creating and managing a coaching program, consider the resources that are appropriate.  The resources are for three different things: managing the program, supporting the coaches, and supporting the coachees.

  • Resources for managing the program include appropriate training or consulting services, the expenses of administration, the time and cost of training for the program managers, and time for running the program.
  • Resources for the coaches include coach training for coaches, access to information on coaching, access to information appropriate for supporting coachees, a list of resources available to coachees, time and a place for coaching, helpful forms and coaching tools, ongoing coaching for the coaches, and a contact person for questions and concerns.
  • Resources for coachees include access to training when appropriate for skill development, access to information for self-directed learning, access to a form for reporting on progress, and a contact person for questions and concerns.

Planning the program includes planning the budget and the time.  In the initial stages training and / or consulting services are also explored and put in place.  In developing a program manual, include listings or create directories of forms, resources for training and learning, options for meeting space, and contacts.  Provide the information to both coaches and coachees during a program orientation.

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