Coaching Perspectives

Each year, coaches who earn their Certified Professional Coach designation with the Center Coaching Perspectivesfor Coaching Certification are invited to participate in writing a chapter for a book.  The feedback on the content has been excellent and the success this quality book ensures this effort continues.

Book Review: Coaching Perspectives provides excellent insights for executive, life, and business coaching as well as expertise in specific niche areas of coaching. 

Summary: The chapters of Coaching Perspectives are:

  • Stairway to Success Coaching Model by Cathy Liska
    • A comprehensive model for ensuring excellence in coaching.
  • Connecting with Words by Sue Kugler
    • A great overview of the application of neuro-linguistic programming for coaches.
  • The Curious Coach by Dawn Brunn
    • Powerful insights on the coach’s role of asking questions.
  • Coaching with Emotional Intelligence by Pam Nintrup
    • Step-by-step use in coaching of the realms of emotional intelligence.
  • Give Yourself the Seal of Approval by Beth Cook
    • The importance of self-esteem with tips on with ideas to develop it.
  • Conscious Change by Marci McCaffery
    • Ten specific ways to create conscious change.
  • Coaching for a Job Search by Robert Plain
    • Focus and a process for effective job search coaching.
  • Life and Career Coaching for Federal Inmates by Lynne Lovett
    • Powerful insight for applying coaching in a unique situation.
  • Coaching Millennials by Dorothy Montgomery
    • Timely information on working with the newest generation in the work force.
  • Coaching Leaders for Effective Employee Relations by Arquella Hargrove
    • How coaching works in the corporate setting.
  • Harmonious Relationships: Consultant and Executive Coach by Kris Rodriguez
    • Successfully combining consulting and coaching work.
  • Learning Fusion: Effectively Integrate Coaching with Training by Paul Unni
    • The power of training combined with coaching.

The Bad:  Each chapter is unique both in content and in writing style so this book is 12 e-books combined.

The Good:  The flow of the chapters does work in terms of content and the broad overview combined with specialized expertise is excellent.

Conclusion:  A great read for coaches, clients, and those thinking about coaching.

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