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Coaching for Supervisors

Fear of Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

Because coaching is increasingly seen as an essential skill set for anyone in a leadership role, this naturally extends to supervisors.  Creating a coaching culture increases the bottom line earnings in an organization.  Specifically, supervisors that take coaching certification are more effective at engaging employees and increasing productivity.  This, in turn, means that coach training also helps supervisors retain talent.

Examples of a supervisor’s responsibilities that align with coaching include:

  • Provide support to maximize performance
  • Motivate people to fully engage and be productive

A Supervisor ensures the work advances company objectives by supporting employees.  Coaching empowers individuals to discover and maximize their personal and professional potential which includes getting results on the job.

Coach training for supervisors develops skills to establish trust, listen actively, ask powerful questions, communicate clearly and directly, create awareness, empower actions, partner for planning and goal setting, and serve as an accountability partner. 

For more information on how coaching skills aid in getting the work accomplished:

Coaching is a skill that adds value in all interactions.

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