Coaching for Executive Ethics

How are executives and the business world currently perceived?  What value does coaching give the executive world?  How do news stories of high profile executives color the perception of customers and employees?  Expanding public awareness means ethics are increasingly important.

Business sustainability is built on consistently meeting and surpassing customer expectations.  When others are the focus, personal success will come naturally.  One of the main tenants of coaching is taking yourself out of the equation.  Coaching creates a dialogue for effective decision making.  Coaching empowers people to make their own best decisions by challenging their thinking to create innovative and effective solutions.

Coaching is an ongoing process that creates change for the long term. Coaching is a strategic partnership that creates buy-in and personal responsibility.  With coaching, employees become enthusiastic and positive about their work.  Leaders learn more about ethical reasoning and decision making and how to promote this culture in the workplace.  Personal ethics and moral responsibility are explored and aligned with organizational goals and values.  Leaders create policies which reflect their support of organizational values, and reward policies that demonstrate their support of strong ethics.

How will you be the change you want to see in the world?

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