Coaching for Coaches to Enhance Competency


perspective Coaches are advocates of coaching – after all that is the reason they are doing the work.  The old expression “what is good for the goose is good for the gander” applies to coaches too.  As a coach, having a coach enhances your focus on your business and on developing your coaching competencies.  Consider also that you are demonstrating your belief in the value of coaching.

One benefit for a coach that has a coach is the experience of being a client.  The awareness of what it is like enhances the awareness a coach has of their client.

Coaching focuses on goal setting, strategizing, and action planning.  For a coach, develop both business goals and skill development goals for enhancing your coaching competencies. Intentionally choosing skill development as a goal means exploring different strategies and defining specific actions.  A coach for a coach, in addition to serving as an accountability partner, serves as a sounding board and a provider of perspective.  A coach is going to expand and challenge your thinking which in turn supports you enhancing your coaching competencies.

On another note, having a coach provides an example for different ways to coach.  The coach’s coach is utilizing different techniques in different ways, which is a modeling of coaching competencies.

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