Coaching and Morality

Ann Marie was coaching Mario with a primary focus on managing his ADHD.  Together they discussed his focus, organization, and time management.  They worked on Mario’s strategy and developed a specific plan of action.

As Mario felt he had more control over his primary focus, he wanted to expand the coaching to goals in other areas of his life.  During the exploration process he shared he was having an affair.  Ann Marie was aware that Mario was married so for her this presented a dilemma.

Ann Marie spoke with her coach.  Her coach asked her, given this scenario, can you effectively coach this client?  Ann Marie thought about it and decided she personally could not because it simply bothered her too much.  Then her coach asked whether disclosing this to the client would create or add to a problem.  Ann Marie said yes because it would diminish the value the client currently placed on coaching.

Ann Marie and her coach discussed options and she decided that she would let her client know she had a personal conflict of interest and was removing herself as coach.  Ann Marie would provide referrals to other coaches.  If her client asked what the conflict was, Ann Marie would simply state that it was personal.  Ann Marie followed through with her plan and the client is now working with a different coach.

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