Coaching a Team Leader

Tonya has been a team lead for twelve years.  She has a reputation for being a loyal, hard worker.  Tonya is respected by the people on her team and they work hard for her as a result.  Each day Tonya came to work with a smile and words of encouragement for everyone.

Then Tonya and her husband divorced.  On her own with the kids, Tonya was struggling financially.  The stress was exhausting and as much as Tonya worked on smiling and being positive at work, it was apparent to her team that something was going on.

Fortunately, Tonya’s company had employees in the Human Resources department that were trained coaches.  Tonya asked to be coached and was given the choice of two different individuals.  After meeting with each briefly, Tonya began working with one as her coach.

The coach used the whole person approach and started the process with a session where Tonya was asked about what she wanted in all areas of her life.  As a result, Tonya shared what happened and then talked about what she wanted now to move forward.  With her coach, Tonya strategized a budget.  She created a plan that involved her children in taking care of the house.

Tonya felt she again had control of her life.  She relaxed again and regained her positive attitude.  Because the coaching addressed the whole person, Tonya’s performance on the job was enhanced.

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