8 Reasons for and Benefits of Giving

8 Reasons for and Benefits of Giving

The season of giving is upon us and how we give follows cultures and customs.  Whatever the timing and however we do it, giving is a good thing!  Ironically, some of us prefer giving and find it hard to receive.  Think of this: knowing you like giving means receiving affords that same experience to others.  Giving is to offer something, material, or a verbal expression, without expectations.  The important part here is “without expectations” because sometimes people don’t realize there was going to be gift-giving and are unprepared.  Sometimes people simply cannot afford to give gifts.  Sometimes people prefer not to give material things.  Sometimes gifts land differently than we expected.  There are reasons not to give, reasons we do give, and there are benefits to giving.  Consider the reasons and the benefits. 8 Reasons for and Benefits of Giving

8 Reasons for Giving Gifts:
1.     Love – to express our love.
2.     Congratulations – to recognize an achievement.
3.     Celebration – for special occasions.
4.     Appreciation – to express thanks or gratitude.
5.     Apology – when sorry for something that was said or done.
6.     Connection – to build and share connection with another.
7.     Bribe – if someone wants something.
8.     Fun – to enjoy.

8 Benefits of Giving Gifts:
1.     Enjoy Someone Else’s Happiness – we love seeing their smile or pleasure.
2.     Feel Happier – it feels good to give to others.
3.     Connection – we feel part of a special relationship.
4.     Build Confidence – through doing good.
5.     Gratitude – gratitude is good for us and for the people we appreciate.
6.     Karma – being a giver will give back.
7.     Spread the Love – we are sharing love.
8.     Healthy – it is good for us because it is positive.

When you choose to give, focus on the person you are giving to and what is right for them.  Enjoy the season of giving.

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