Career Coach Areas of Expertise

Career Coach Expertise

Career Coach ExpertiseWhat does subject matter expertise involve for a career coach?

  • Job search strategies – includes how to prepare online profiles, knowledge of the various job boards online, how to research companies plus their recruiting and hiring processes, and use of social media to gain the attention of recruiters.
  • Networking – includes both online networking through social media and maximizing opportunities at networking events.
  • Resumes – the do’s and don’ts, how to effectively highlight areas of importance, tailoring a resume for a specific job and/or company, good writing, grammar and spelling, and visual aesthetics.
  • Cover letters – good writing, effective opening paragraphs, highlighting the value of the applicant in the middle paragraph, a strong closing paragraph, grammar and spelling.
  • Interviewing – dressing appropriately, preparation, arriving, responding to questions effectively, asking questions, closing the interview on a high note, and leaving gracefully.
  • Thank you letters – asking preferred method for communicating, effective writing with an opening paragraph that includes a unique memory from the interview, a middle paragraph highlighting value, and a strong closing.
  • Negotiating – skills and techniques including how to ask for the salary range if unknown, how to state desired salary, additional points for negotiation including benefits, stock options, scheduling flexibility, vacation days, early performance reviews, plus potential raises.
  • Confidence – how to build and maintain confidence throughout the process using techniques such as skill inventories, a review of successes, and a focus on proactively creating the future.
  • Change – how to effectively manage change including awareness, flexibility, techniques for adapting and accepting, plus strategies for taking things one step at a time as they come.
  • Transition – how to manage the various phases including enjoy the past while also anticipating the good in the future, planning and preparation, and maintaining balance.
  • Career path development – reviewing opportunities, requirements, options, and then strategizing an over-all plan with specific actions.
  • Coach training – because career coaching is so very different than consulting, advising or counseling the coaching certification is a significant factor when offering career coaching services.

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