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What is balance?  Some think of balance as evenly weighed scales.  With this thought comes the thought that work / life balance is impossible because work requires more hours than the rest of life (sleeping hours excepted).  Others think of balance as a ratio of work, personal fitness, and family time that supports maximum wellness.  During coach training we learn to ask the client for their definition and then support them creating their ideal.

The process for exploring, defining, and planning optimal balance may include listing time commitments, scheduling a typical week, developing strategies, prioritizing, and / or planning changes.  Creating change takes time, energy, focus, and commitment.  Partnering with a coach who has completed coaching certification is the most effective tool to support the process.  The coach will ask powerful questions to support you exploring and defining balance.  A coach will challenge you to plan your action steps.  The coach is your strategy partner and accountability partner.

Occasionally people think or say they are too busy to work with a coach or are reticent to invest.  Consider the implications of these excuses.  How long has this same individual struggled to create change and balance?  How long will they continue to struggle?  What is the cost of the ongoing struggle?  Then consider the implication of investing in a coach.  A coach is a partner to choose and create meaningful change.  Working with the right coach means getting the desired results.

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