Application of the 4 Pillars for Self-confidence

Birgit Rohm

By Birgit Rohm

Birgit RohmIn this blog series, we explored four pillars that are the foundation of our self-confidence: connection, acknowledgement, self-care, and control. Understanding each makes it easier to find out which pillar is wobbling at the moment and knowing to seek strategies or support in order to strengthen the foundation again. This is an ongoing beautiful and enriching process.

Recognizing these pillars and building healthy self-confidence empowers self-leadership. The most beautiful effect of self-leadership, in addition to the fact that you feel much better, is that you lead in your environment in the same way, whether as a parent, leader, or team member. It starts with the connection with self through reflection. It develops through acknowledging emotions. It grows by being aware of and ensuring self-care. It becomes solid with knowing what is and is not within personal control and being strong with boundaries.  Working together these pillars are the foundation that leads to self-confidence – and that enriches life as a whole.

During coach training, coaches learn how to partner with clients for their reflection and connection, awareness and acknowledgment of themselves, prioritization of self-care, and ensuring they have control of their choices. This means that coaches learn the competencies and ethics to partner with you on your journey and support your self-confidence. 

If the implementation is challenging and you realize that burdens and/or patterns prevent you from having access to one of the pillars or more, coaching is an opportunity to release these burdens and move forward.


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