Achieve and Sustain Excellence in Coaching 10

Being well-organized supports your excellence in coaching.  When you are organized, you are serving your clients more effectively because you are confident in how you manage your work and your client learns from your example.

To ensure you are well organized, after setting up your work space appropriately:

  • Create a flow chart of your coaching process.
  • Organize your documents including your coaching agreement, coaching session questionnaires, payment forms, and client resources.
  • Set-up client files and create a database of clients, frequency of coaching sessions, billing dates and amounts, and special notes.
  • Set-up your calendar including dates and times for coaching sessions, payment processing, preparation, administrative tasks, and continuing education.

Moving beyond your own organization, as a coach you are often working with clients on their time management and organization skills.  When
you utilize these skills yourself, you have a greater understanding of the
considerations and insight on questions to ask your clients.

Research the tools available for time management and organization.  Use the ones you like and maintain a list with a summary of each for your clients.  If appropriate, develop new tools to support your coaching services and for your clients.  Use time management and organization tools and provide them to your clients for excellence in coaching.

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