Achieve and Sustain Excellence in Coaching 9

The set-up of your work space contributes to your excellence in coaching because your ability to work effectively is influenced by your environment, tools, and organization.

Ensure your optimal performance as a coach with these elements:

  • Quiet – when you are coaching, whether on the telephone or in your office, noise is a factor because it is a distraction and because if there is activity around you then the confidentiality of the coaching session is questioned.
  • Comfortable – being comfortable is important so that you focus on your client and are present in the moment.
  • Easy-to-use – quick access to your notes, files, and documents supports your ability to serve your clients effectively.
  • Good computer and software – technology is a necessity for doing business and your computer is a tool for note-taking and communicating with your client.
  • Good telephone connection – when you are on the telephone a clear connection enhances the communication.
  • Attractive and pleasant – studies show that your surroundings influence your mood and productivity so ensure you like your work space.

If you are working in a home office, an additional consideration is whether it makes a difference to you how you dress for work.  If you feel better and more professional by dressing as if you were in a more public office, then do it to support your excellence in coaching.

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