A Self-Reflective Journey

A man is following his path down a road
A man is following his path down a road
A Self-Reflective Journey

Coaching Competency 2, Embodies a Coaching Mindset, includes “Develops and maintains an ongoing self-reflective practice.”  A common question is, How?  Let’s explore options.

·      Journal – write about doing coaching and write about being a coach.  Write your reflections on what is going well and what you want to work on.
·      Meditate – take time after each session to think about your coaching, who you are as coach, how you are showing up in sessions, how your clients are showing up, and how you engage.
·      Reflection Time – plan time after each session to reflect on your coaching.  Consider how you demonstrate each of the competencies.
·      Coaching Supervision – engage another coach to explore in depth how you show up, how your client shows up, and how you are interacting.
·      Activities – there are many focused activities that support self-reflection:
o   Write about a new client before starting then again after working with them for a while and compare the two.
o   Take a free bias assessment online.
o   Participate in group coaching for coaches.
o   Attend continuing education programs.
o   Exercise – walking or swimming or yoga – and use the opportunity for free-flowing thinking.
o   Read books that support your reflecting.

Consider this a start of your brainstorm.  What additional options come to mind for you?

Next, plan!  What will you do?

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