The Healing Power of Art: Simple Exercises to Add to Your Self-Care Routine

The Healing Power Of Art- Simple Exercises To Add To Your Self-Care Routine

By Jackie Edwards

85% of business owners feel self-employment is the best choice for their mental and physical health. As a coach, you’re used to helping others see their potential and achieve their goals. It is just as important not to neglect your own mental wellbeing. Fortunately, art can be an effective mode of self-care that supports your mental health. By getting in touch with your creative side, you can tune into the present moment, work through your emotions, and improve your mental health and wellbeing. The Healing Power Of Art- Simple Exercises To Add To Your Self-Care Routine

Color an emotion wheel

An emotion wheel is a simple art activity that can help you become more aware of your emotions. An emotion wheel is designed to help you identify and articulate how you’re feeling, which may not otherwise be easy. To begin, draw a circle and split it into eight pie sections. In each section, write down one emotion (such as, anxious, optimistic, joy, bored, angry, or annoyed, for example). Then, color in each section in a shade that you feel resonates with that emotion. Think about which emotions you wrote down first and ask yourself which emotions you’re currently experiencing. Did you use the same color for two or more emotions? If yes, what significance does this hold to you?

Practice mindful drawing 

Mindful drawing, an alternative to meditation, involves harmonizing your body and mind and getting into a mindful flow. Although it’s fairly like regular drawing, it places greater emphasis on being in the present moment. Start your session by deciding what you want to draw. A butterfly garden, for example, is an easy drawing to begin with. Designed to attract butterflies and other species like bees and hummingbirds, butterfly gardens are beautiful as well as ecologically important. As you draw, pay particular attention to your body; relax your shoulders and sit with your feet planted squarely on the floor. A session can last anywhere from five minutes to one hour. One does not have to worry about creating a perfect drawing. Just stay focused on the basic shapes you’re trying to create.

Get inspired by nature

Being out in nature gets your creative juices flowing, while also having the benefit of improving your mental health. Even a simple walk can give you the chance to clear and rejuvenate your body and mind, and you can also collect any objects that attract your attention along the way — such as, pinecones, sticks, moss, leaves, wildflowers, pebbles, shells, or driftwood, for example. Once you get back home, you can create a sculpture, collage, mosaic, or altar with your newfound pieces, while being particularly mindful of your senses. Think about what attracted you to the object? How do the different materials feel?

As a coach, self-care is essential for your own well-being. Emotion wheels, mindful drawing, and nature walks are simple creative activities that can support your mental health.


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