A Deeper Dive into Coaching Competence

A Deeper Dive into Coaching Competence

The efficacy of coaching is dependent on the skill of the coach and the commitment of the client to create their own meaningful change. A Deeper Dive into Coaching Competence

On the part of the coach, areas of skill that are typically a big shift include the ability to be fully present to the client and listen at all levels for a greater understanding.  This in terms supports the coach communicating with the client using words that work for the client.

A well-trained coach will be interested in and curious about the client.  The trained coach will be aware of the client’s context and culture and how that influences them.  The coach listens to what is said and what isn’t said.  A trained coach will observe shifts in the moment and patterns over time.  The trained coach will explore perceptions and expand thinking to consider different perspectives.  A trained coach is aware of how the client thinks and how they interact with others.  The trained coach uses words that work based on the client’s personality and learning style.  A well-trained coach will challenge limiting thinking and negativity; the coach partners with the client so that they focus forward and are proactively creating the success they choose.

It may seem that what a trained coach does involves simple and obvious skills.  Experience shows that intensive coach training is essential to the efficacy of the coach.

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