Coaching and LinkedIn

LinkedIn has 100 million users now and 100’s of pages with groups that include coaching as a topic. With a reputation as a professional networking site, individuals have profile pages and join discussion groups.

When you create a profile page, use a professional picture and complete the information – profiles without a picture and that are incomplete tend to be discounted. On LinkedIn clients and colleagues may write referrals about you and your coaching services. This is an opportunity to share your experience, areas of expertise, and even define a coaching niche.

Discussion groups cover a broad range of interest areas and professional focus. Join groups to learn from colleagues, and join groups where your ideal client participates. Follow the discussions and participate. Because of doing this as a coach, I have had people find me on LinkedIn, reach out, and several hired me as a result.

The Center for Coaching Certification discussion group has had a few good conversations and now we are planning a weekly give-away. Join the group, share your ideas, ask questions, and participate! If you are thinking about starting a discussion group, use this one and others for ideas and to understand how to make it work well for your coaching business.


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