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What are the opportunities for a coach?

Benefits of Addiction Coaching

Because coaching involves highly developed people and communication skills, coaching certification is a career opportunity, a business opportunity, and a personal development opportunity.

What are the opportunities for a coach?
What are the opportunities for a coach?


Coaching is a skill set for leaders and professionals in many fields including: Human Resources, Talent Development, Training, Facilitation, Organizational Development, Financial Planning, Medical Care, Mental Health, and more.  Specifically, coaching is a competency area for leaders and HR professionals, and a core competency for members of ATD.  At the Center for Coaching Certification, coach training offers continuing education units accepted for renewing most professional designations and when pursuing a degree or advanced degree.


Coaching is a profession wherein coaching certification and membership in the International Coach Federation are the initial steps for becoming a PT or FT coach – employed within an organization or in business for yourself.  Building a business as a coach involves a commitment to developing your infrastructure and then making your services available; the rewards of the work are amazing.


Coach training is an opportunity to develop skills that enhance your opportunities personally.  Specifically, coach training encompasses people and communication skills plus processes for choosing priorities, setting goals, and following through effectively.  These skills lead to better outcomes parenting, volunteering, and in relationships.

Expand your possibilities and happiness today with coach training.

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