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Coaching through Blurred Lines: Where Personal and Professional Lives Meet Part 2

Monique Betty


By Monique Betty https://moniquebetty.com/podcast   Monique Betty

In Part-1 of Coaching through Blurred Lines blog, I shared an instance when my client, Paula, a product manager at a telecom company, arrived at our coaching session in an unusual disposition.

I immediately detected that something was wrong as her usual high-energetic, fully engaged was nowhere to be found. She appeared distant and unengaged.

When I made her aware of my observation, she shared that her significant other just asked called it quits on their relationship last night.

Recognizing her frame of mind, I invited Paula to determine how she wanted to use her scheduled time.

  • Did she want to continue as planned to discuss team productivity?
  • Did she want to reschedule the session?
  • Did she want to shift the focus of the session toward how she will manage her emotions related to the breakup while moving the team forward with a successful product launch?
  • Or, did she want to do something else that she determines will benefit her forward progress.

This instance reminded me of a time early in my coaching career when I was likely to have felt ill-equipped in supporting clients through matters relating to their personal life. However, now as a credentialed coach of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I recognize that my proficiency in the coaching competencies supports my confidence as a coaching process expert which, in turn, benefits clients with making progress in areas of their life beyond their career.

What I have learned in my 10+ years of coaching experience is right in line with the findings of an HBR study of executive coaches that revealed that 76% of coaches said that they have assisted their executive clients with personal issues.

As an executive coach for high-achieving professionals, the focus of sessions generally revolve around their leadership capabilities within large organizations. However, clients share with me that the reasons they are comfortable bringing personal matters into coaching are because, 1)  they have trust in me, and 2) the space I provide for them to be vulnerable in exploring matters related to aspects of their lives outside of work

Aren’t we all living out loud through the blurred lines of who we are personally and professionally?

Monique Betty, MBA, PCC is an executive coach, coach trainer, speaker, and podcast host who specializes in coaching high-achieving professionals in maximizing their leadership performance. She is a Certified Coach Trainer with the Center for Coaching Certification, a sought-after workshop facilitator and speaker as a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and host of the new Tuesdays with Coach Mo podcast.


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