Using Coaching Techniques

Using Coaching Techniques

Through the story of one client, this blog series demonstrates the application of various tools and techniques from coach training.  The client in this story is a blend of multiple clients with personal information changed to protect their privacy.

About the Client:  After being downsized or rightsized with several different companies, Katrina was discouraged.  She was divorced, in her late forties, living in a caretaker’s room on an estate in exchange for watching the house, and completely unsure of her next steps.  A friend recommended coaching and Katrina called.  Using Coaching Techniques

Starting the Coaching Relationship

Ensuring that coaching made sense for Katrina and that I was a good match started with an introductory session.  Katrina had the opportunity to experience coaching and determine her own comfort level both with me and with the coaching process. When the session was complete, Katrina shared that it was very interesting to her that instead of telling her what to do, I asked her what she wants and her thoughts on moving forward.

Because Katrina and I both determined we were a good match, we moved into reviewing the Code of Ethics and Coaching Agreement. Given Katrina’s circumstances, we chose to work together with Katrina paying a minimal fee until she was employed again.  In addition to coaching, we discussed possible training and/or consulting as additional service options.

In the introductory session, Katrina identified her immediate focus as building her confidence and figuring out her direction. Because of this desire, we explored how to start working together.

As this blog series continues, we will apply tools, techniques, and processes learned during coaching certification.

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