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Thriving Coaching Businesses

hriving Coaching Businesses

Thriving as a coaching business. What does this mean?  I think of thriving in two different ways: one is coaches having a thriving business and the other is clients the coaches serve thriving. hriving Coaching Businesses

Coaching is more important than ever to people and to thrive as a coach and help others means being found.  Think about offering your services using a coaching approach.  This means instead of marketing or selling, you are simply making yourself available and asking people what they want.  Ask their understanding of coaching and how it will serve them.

In support of clients thriving, coaches train and practice and reflect on their coaching.  At the Center for Coaching Certification, coaches also come together in group coaching sessions and are talking about how they serve people.

Above and beyond the individual coaching, coaches also support clients thriving with group and team coaching.  Coaches support leaders with remote teams by bringing their teams together.  Coaches serve clients with groups of people who have common interests so they can share ideas and network.

Thriving as a coach starts with your coach training, developing your competencies, being ethical, being available, and expanding your offerings.

Supporting clients so they thrive is the outcome of the work the coach puts into the quality and efficacy of their services.

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