The Phenomenal Coach

The Phenomenal Coach

The Phenomenal Coach by Evette Beckett-TuggleThe Phenomenal Coach

The Phenomenal Coach enlightens coaches to a variety of motivational approaches to affirm, inspire, and empower others to see, hear, and feel the possibility of moving ever upward toward a higher state of being. The achievement of a relaxed environment for the client in which the client is motivated and inspired to engage in open dialogue toward their stated goals is the desired end state.

Positive or phenomenal words are introduced as fundamental in establishing good client rapport. Art in its various forms is presented as a blank canvas on which clients visualize new ways of thinking and expressing their thoughts.

As coaches realize the unlimited possibilities of expanding their client’s vision of awareness and opportunity through inspirational coaching, they too are inspired.

  • The power of the spoken word through affirmation creates a sense of value for clients.
  • Through reflective listening, one-sentence or more expansive affirmation statements, the coach partners with the client to imagine opportunities for goal realization.

The Phenomenal Coach marries the use of phenomenal and positive words in such a way that customized brand expressions are created that are empowering and inspiring to the client. These expressions create a feeling of value, worth and of positive well-being and provide a partnership between the coach and client that grows, phenomenally.

Learn more in my chapter for Coaching Perspective IV.

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