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The Tool

The Tool

A powerful tool used for supporting positive and proactive focus while also building confidence is taught in the Certified Professional Coach program.  The impact of this tool has been amazing in the contracts where we provide coaching in organizations.  Specifically, we are seeing it impact both the success of the client and the likelihood of the client continuing with their coach. The Tool

How does the tool get created?  It starts with an opening session wherein the coach is asking the client about what they want in all areas of their life and career.  The client gains clarity about their priorities and influencing factors.  The coach gets to know the client and gains awareness of their context and culture.  The goals and outcome the client shares are written as their affirming story.  This tool, the affirming story, is used consistently.  Over time it builds confidence, supports positivity, and keeps the client focused on achieving what they want.

The co-creation of the tool for the client is a gift: the client has clarity for themselves, knows they have been heard and understood, builds their confidence, increases their positivity, and is supported in being proactive.  In giving this gift, the level of rapport between the coach and client that is created in two sessions is equivalent of what it takes 12 months to create without this process.  The affirming story is a powerful tool for coaching efficacy and client success.

For those of you who have graduated from the Certified Professional Coach program, know that what you offer with this tool is an amazing and powerful gift for your clients as well as a tool for your success as a coach.


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