Coaching is a Top Personal Competency

coaching is a top personal competencyAsk a few people you know what holds them back from achieving what they want and the most common response you are likely to get is themselves.  People struggle with the belief that they can do something, the hard work involved in creating change, their own habits, procrastination, life getting in the way, and feeling worthy.  Reflect on what it is for yourself and for most of us the answers are similar.

Now look at people around you and reflect on what they are capable of achieving, where they are at, and the reasons for the gap.

So here is the million-dollar question: how does their focus and the support they have impact outcomes?  Clearly the answer is that the impact is hugely significant.

Now carry these thoughts forward and consider the truth to the title of this blog, ‘Coaching is a Top Personal Competency’.  Specifically, coach training teaches a solution focus that is positive and proactive.  It develops communication skills, interpersonal skills, confidence, and motivation.  Coaching certification opens up a plethora of possibilities both professionally and personally.

Dig further into the personal implications.  Communication and interpersonal skills help our relationships with family, friends, and people in the community.  A solution focus is positive and proactive which in turn increases brain activity and the abilities to think and make decisions.  Developing the coaching competencies supports effective goal setting, strategizing, and follow through.  This means coaching is essentially a personal competency.

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