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Individual Coaching Services
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Center for Coaching Solutions - Coaching Services

Individual Coaching Services

When an organization offers coaching to individuals, ensuring a good match between the coach and the coachee is essential to maximize the opportunity for success.  At the Center for Coaching Solutions, we draw from over 1200 graduates of the Center for Coaching Certification to ensure the coach has the relevant experience, expertise, and style for the individual being coached.

Group or Team Coaching Services

Working with your group or team is planned either while the team or group is working on a project or as dedicated time for developing effective relationships, planning projects, identifying objectives and creating strategies, or managing change.  Our team will meet with you to determine objectives and approach, plus ensure the right coach is assigned.

Organizational Coaching Services

Often a combination of individual, group, and / or team coaching is powerful for moving your organization forward.  Our team will meet with your team to explore options and develop an approach that best serves your organization.