Summary of the Approaches

Summary of the Approaches

In these examples, each coaching relationship moves Mario forward differently.  Ken pushes toward marketing and sales, Elena pushes toward balancing his relationship and self-care, and Carolina supports open exploration and Mario choosing his career path and his strategy for balancing his priorities. Summary of the Approaches

It seems likely that working with Ken will push Mario to chase a career path he is less interested in while failing to consider the impact on his relationship and self-care.  Working with Elena will limit Mario’s commitment at work which may impact him earning the promotion he wants, although he will maintain his relationship and self-care.  Working with Carolina empowers Mario to choose the career path he wants and to figure out how to maintain his relationship and self-care while investing additional time at work.


Coaching the Being and Doing is called for in ICF’s Core Competencies and Markers, the behaviors to demonstrate competency.

The outcome of the coaching engagement is enhanced and far more effective when the coach understands, embraces and incorporates both the Being and the Doing of the client.  Coaching the Being and the Doing ensures impact, benefit, and being true to the role of coach.

Coaching for only the Doing gets a short-term result.  Coaching for only the Being fails to support practical, proactive action.  Coaching both the Being and the Doing maximizes the benefits of coaching and supports a long-term impact.


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