Success and Magic of Executive Coaching

Wayne L. Anderson

By Wayne L. Anderson  

Wayne L. Anderson

What do executives think about?  How do executives perceive success?  How does that relate to coaching the executive?  These are some of the questions addressed in the chapter on Success and Magic of Executive Coaching in Coaching Perspectives VIII.  These are often questions that plague coaches who attempt to coach executives so this insight empowers upgrading your success.

It is fairly well understood that success looks different to each of us.  What about executives?  What different perception do executives have of success?  What common definition do they aspire to for success?  What is the foundation upon which to build a successful coaching program for the individual executive?

It turns out there are a number of factors that executives think about that helps to form their perception of success.  These factors are both internal and external. By internal I mean inside their organizations verses external or outside their organizations.

Executives also think a lot about winning.  They think about winning in both the internal and external environments.  Internally, they think about the company growth, department growth, staffing objectives, and of course, financial growth.  Externally they think about the economy, labor force availability, technological changes, and legal issues.  This is a cornucopia of topics to which must be added the executive’s personal development that they also think about.  This may make the best of coaches feel as though they want to know magic in order to successfully coach the executive.

The real magic is when coach has a process for helping the executive to develop in the specific areas so that they win.  In addition, the magic is the impact on the executive, their organization, sometimes their industry, and the people with whom they interact.  It really is amazing.

I cover, in great detail, the process a coach can follow in the Success and Magic of Executive Coaching chapter of the book, Coaching Perspectives VIII.  Get it and watch the magic happen!

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