Planning Implementation and Application of Coaching Tools and Techniques

planning implementation

planning implementationIn the book “Know Can Do” by Blanchard, Meyer, and Ruhe they cite that a lack of planning how to use information from a training program minimizes the value.  The Personnel Management Association cites a 22% improvement from training alone and an 88% improvement from training plus coaching.  The reason is that the follow-up coaching involves intentionally thinking through how to solidify learning and creating a plan.  At the Center for Coaching Certification, after the webinar training series, participants are given a worksheet designed for them to create action steps to implement their learning.

Coaching involves learning information and a multitude of techniques.  Developing specific ideas for how to use the information provided enhances the learning.  Designing action steps with a timeline means taking ownership.  Being accountable for progress and celebrating successes supports developing coaching competencies.

To enhance your skills now, start by listing content areas of information and the various techniques for coaching.  Align these with the 11 Core Competencies of a coach from the International Coaching Federation, ICF.  Prioritize the order in which you want to focus on each.  Schedule specific time for review and a period of time during which you intentionally practice.  Create a habit of ongoing learning through your review and practice of coaching tools and techniques.

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