My Journey through Coaching – Blog 9 of 12

Part 2: A Curious Coaching Student by Brandi Alvarez

As a student of coaching I have discovered that I am a kinesthetic learner followed by visual and it’s my auditory I tend to ignore.  I am also a pleaser and investigator.  It is this pleasing side in me that tends to push my emotions overboard.  I know this is why I seem to so together to others and yet I am so fallen apart behind closed doors.  Going through the sessions as a student it is giving me more insight to myself, how I learn to react, and reasons I do it.  As I reflect back I wonder how my at home pleaser or outside student investigator played in to my coaching sessions as a client.  I am eager to learn more on neuro-linguistics, focus, and motivation.  I feel as if I have only scratched the surface on these topics.

As I am moving to the coaching practicum sessions I hope I once again benefit.  I learned how hard it can be to change.  I am amazed by people who do.  I know I have only begun the process as first a coaching client and then as a student.  I am looking forward to seeing how I feel about being a coach.

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